Thursday, May 17, 2012

CRB Does Forever21 Interview :)

Hello My Faithful Followers! 

 Today was a wonderful day in the Queen City! I had my first job interview for the summer at, you guessed it, Forever21! I attended their job fair at 10 this morning. It was quite the experience waiting in line to showcase my personal style is just a few minutes. I was in front of a crowd, but I was not nervous. I was there to sell my knowledge of fashion and my ability to style and stay in tune with fashion trends. I actually quite enjoyed the experience and I got called back for my second interview Monday at 10A.M.! I am beyond excited! I was hesitant about what to wear but Jenn and Sarah from Clothes Encounters were a huge help with their video Modern Job Interview Outfits and Tips.

This Video is amazing! After watching this video I came up with this outfit.

 Fit Rundown:
Lace Top: MegaThrift (Winston-Salem, NC)
Braided Belt: Friend Gifted from She'Rea of My Thrifted Closet 
Polka Dot Skirt: GoodWill Thrifted
Shoes: My trusted Jessica Simpson Dany Platforms

 I love these pleats and polka dots! 

Smooches Dollfaces! 


Shainna Tucker said...

ugh you just continue to give me life! I love this. I may just have to borrow this look! love it!!!


Billie Monroe said...

Thanks babe!

D.R. said...

very classic and chic look

Billie Monroe said...

thanks doll! i so appreciate the love

Kiah Torres said...

You look gorgeous! Love those shoes! Kiah

Billie Monroe said...

Thank you Kiah! I so appreciate the love!

C.Brocka. said...

Those shoes are to die for! I love this fit. =)

Billie Monroe said...

why thankyou darling!! i so appreciate you visiting my blog!

gabrielle pressley said...

love this look!!!