Monday, May 21, 2012

OOTD: Circle Skirts and Polka Dots

Hello Darlings,

I am back for another Outfit of the Day, and this one is by far the most special, grab your keyboards lovelies....
Today I got offered the Sales Associate position at Forever21! I am so excited! To honor my second interview at my first retail job I decided to show my funky, trendy personal style with a jean vest tucked inside an American Apparel circle skirt. To add to the quirky nature of my interview outfit, I decided to put on these polka dot socks from Forever21, what a coincidence. This was a great day, so I decided to jazz up my fit to show my personal flair for fashion. 

There will be so many things coming up at the end of the month and June, so stay tuned my faithful followers! 

Fit Rundown:
DIY Jean Vest
Collar Necklace: Forever21
Circle Skirt: American Apparel
Polka Dot Socks: Forever21
Shoes: Urban Outfitters 
Vintage Purse: GoodWill Thrifted 


lalaG said...

love the whole outfit... love love love that you added the socks

Billie Monroe said...

Thank you darling! I so appreciate it!

Kelly Monroe said...

Cute! i love it especially the socks :)

gabrielle pressley said...

love that skirt!!!