Monday, July 30, 2012

A Curvy Girl's Thrift Adventure

Hello Beauties! 

Finally I am back with some thrifted goodies I discovered in my favorite Goodwill down the street from my campus. Every time I walk into this store, they never disappoint me. For the longest I have been scouring the web for a faux leather skirt that was both affordable and fit well. What was I thinking, Goodwill should have been my first target place to search for this kind of clothing. That's exactly what happened when I walked near the skirt section, it was just hanging there saying, "Chakayla, BUY ME NOW!" Get this, it was a only $3.75, so you all know I was a happy camper! One thing though, the skirt is two sizes too big, but I plan on getting it tailored before winter.
 Along with my amazing faux leather skirt, I found this amazing pair of earrings under some tangled necklaces. As soon as I saw them, I knew I had to have them, especially since they were only $1.00. When on a budget, Goodwill is always my go to place! The item that topped my day off were these tribal print pants that fit me AMAZINGLY, as if they were made for me and magically appeared in Goodwill. I scored these cute pants for $3.75 as well, you definitely can't beat that!
Check out the receipt my loves, I spent all of $9.07! Barely spent any dough when adding these items to my wardrobe!

Here is a clothing option I had in mind for my faux leather skirt. With the fall approaching, I decided to pair my skirt with nylon knee highs and my ASOS booties I got about 2 weeks ago. Once I find a vintage chain blouse like the one above, I will tuck it inside this skirt and top off the look with a pair of statement stud earrings. I would probably wear this on a date with my beau or even to class, I'm just that daring!

What have you ladies found from your local second-hand clothing stores?  

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