Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Let's Get Candid

Hello Lovelies,

I think it is about that time to get honest about a lot! I see you all as supportive friends, at Classic.Raw.Beauty. we are a close knit network of friends and family. So, this summer is not what I expected it to be at all! As you all remember in my "CRB Does Summer 2012" post, I shared a lot of plans that I had lined up in New York City, from natural hair meet-ups to Full Figured Fashion Week. 

Unfortunately, I missed out on these amazing events. Along with missing these events, the two internships I so graciously earned also went to the wind due to my failure to make it to the City this summer. I was super geared up to leave school for the summer and come back to North Carolina with many stories of excitement that the Big Apple could have held for me.

I know you all are thinking, what happened? Basically, trying to find a place to rest my head became a huge issue that I could not solve within the months leading to my summer in NYC. Without disclosing the negative experiences I have faced, I will simply say a lot of people I believed had my back were the ones to fail me when I needed them most. 

It is sad to say that my summer fell through the way it did, but I have made so many connections with those at Forever21. I love my job, even though it has its ups and downs, and I will never be sorry for how my summer turned out. God has a plan for all of us, and mine was not to be in the City this summer, but in due time I will be there. In the mean time I am taking it one day at a time, next semester I will be a senior in college and I have so much in store for CRB, stay tuned and faithful that I will deliver. 

Without you all, I really do not know where my career would be. I love you all! Until then,

Smooches :)


Falala Mele said...

I am so sorry to hear that your plans fell through :( It must have been heartbreaking but like you said God has a plan for us and while this one didn't pan out, he is probably gearing you up for something bigger and better than you could ever imagine xo

Be blessed.

Mele from Australia

Billie Monroe said...

Thank you Mele, you have been so supportive of CRB you are an amazing woman! I hope in the near future we will be able to meet up! We are blessed to do what we do, blog and connect with the masses. One situation will never keep us down!

'Tia said...

Of the subject...but I LOVE LOCE LOVE your shirt/skirt top...

Billie Monroe said...

Why thank you doll face :)

Anonymous said...

cute outfit girl!

Billie Monroe said...

Thank you doll!