Friday, July 13, 2012

Work Fit of the Day

Hello There Dolls,

 I have finally came up with a post about my "Work Fit of the Day." Fridays are usually busy during Forever21 summer hours so I usually like to spruce up my look with great Forever21, American Apparel and thrifted finds. Below are some options of how to mix and match a simple, yet chic work outfit. When going into work in a funky, fashion environment, it is always smart to pep up trends as your own while mixing in functional comfort all at the same time. Working retail as a sales associate means carrying the brunt of "go-backs," items left by customers in the fitting room that need to be placed in their proper sections, tons of hangers and shoes, but it is all in a normal day's work at Forever21.
Clockwise: Faux Leather Sandals (gift from my babe), Cream Full Skirt (American Apparel), Thrifted Leather Belt. Jewlery: Assortment from Ebay and Forever21. Shoes: Forever21

A fashionista loves options, but I am glad that I have the essential part of this fit, and that is the outfit itself. Going in to work naked, would not be the best option at all. I always add as many accessories as I can once I put on my outfit of the day.

I love how this ginger Forever21 cropped turtleneck looks with this cream colored American Apparel skirt. The thifted belt gives this outfit that added "humph" to a simple fit, I love adding accessories to classic outfits. 

Hair of the Day :)
Earrings are from Forever21

Smooches Dolls! 


CheapChicandCurvy said...

Love the outfit hun!

Kelly Monroe said...

I love that top and your hair is pretty too!

Billie Monroe said...

Why thank you gorgeous ladies!

Tavia Mac said...

I love this look too and I agree, you hair is really pretty!


Have You Lived Today? said...

gorg! from top to bottom!!