Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How to Bandeau

Hello Dolls, 

This is a tutorial for my busty ladies out there, but if you are not as busty you are welcomed to try this too.
P.S. I have decided to do these tutorials in snapshots to prevent confusion and long and drawn out tutorial videos. I personally believe trying out tutorials in snapshots makes the process easier and fun. 
What you will need:
1. Strapless bra.
2. Long scarf of your choice. 

Bandeau Process:

Step 1: Put on your strapless bra and pick out the scarf you will be wearing.
Step 2: Fold your scarf into a long triangle. 
Step 3: Tuck the tip of the triangle into you the middle section of your bra. 
Step 4: Tuck the excess scarf material inside your bra cups.
Step 5: Securely tie the back of the scarf to create the tension needed for the scarf to stay put. 
Step 6: Tuck, tuck, tuck! Then, voilà a cute functional bandeau.

This look is best paired with a pair of high waist trousers, or in my case a high waist pleated skirt. 

Feel free to email me at: if you want more tutorials :)

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