Thursday, August 23, 2012

CRB Tutorial Time: More Vintage Scarves

Hello Fashionistas, 

I am back with more tutorials for the ladies who are in love with vintage silk scarves like myself. If you ladies are wondering where you can find your own scarves, visit your local thrift store or Goodwill. I purchased both of these scarves from Ebay, the thrift/vintage mecca! 

Marilyn Monroe-Esque Vintage Scarf Tutorial
 Step 1: Pin Curl or (in my case) two-strand Bantu Knot hair and pin down.
 Step 2: Fold scarf into a long triangle.
 Step 3: Fold, fold, fold until you get this skinny length of the scarf.
 Step 4: Tie scarf toward the middle of your head.
 Step 5: Tie bow and take pins out of curls in the front section of your head.
 Step 6 (final step): Twist that section of hair to the side and pin, creating a cute curly bang.

Pin Curl Cutie Scarf Tutorial 
Step 1: Pin up your hair anyway you desire, I love all my hair pushed and pinned toward the front. 
Step 2: Pin, pin, pin away.
Step 3: Gently pull the hair in the front to create lots of volume.
Step 4: Fold scarf into a triangle.
Step 5: Fold, fold, fold until you get this :)
Step 6: Tie scarf toward the top of your hair, at this point you may smush some of your curls (I am not worried about this) but if you are at this point pin curl the hair that will be under the tie.
Step 7: Tie the bow to the side.
Step 8: If you love elongated bangs like me, take your pins and insert them vertically to allow hair to lay down properly.
Final Step: Add lippy and cute vintage earrings and, GO! 

Get those scarves out ladies :)


Delia Pitu said...

thanks for the great tips!!

Billie Monroe said...

Thank you for checking them out darling!

Elle. said...

Both tutorials are TOOOOOO cute. Definitely gonna try them both.


Billie Monroe said...

Thank you darling!!! Send photos to me :)