Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Little Secret...

You may have noticed that you have been seeing less and less of posts that 
include outfits like this....
It is time that I share where I have been post graduation....

Twelve pounds heavier and twenty-three weeks later...I am PREGNANT with my first child. I am proud to announce that I will be the proud mommy of a little boy named Emmanuel on November 1, 2013! Though I am extremely excited and surprised at this huge blessing, my clothing is not a big fan of my expanding figure. Honestly, what can you do in a situation like this? Simply, be a positive. 

Outside of my Sephora work costume or this Forever21+ romper.
I am either working or grocery shopping with my boyfriend. Despite my pitiful clothing selection, I am 
truly proud to say that I am a college graduate with a bright future in the beauty and skin care industry with Sephora and an anxious mommy-to-be.

I wrote this post to simply share, life has its own twists and turns that test our strength and dedication. At this moment, I am filled with joy that I have many gifts that I did not know I even had! And for that, I appreciate you lovely followers for being there along this bumpy and fun journey of mine! 

I am looking forward to many more years and posts on CRB!



Imuwahen said...

congrats on your son! and congrats on being a college graduate!

clemence said...

Wonderful accomplishments love congrats

Falala Mele said...

WOW!!!! Such an exciting time for you both!!! I wish you all the best and look forward to all your posts xo Kisses from Australia :)

Guyanesesista said...

Congrats on all your blessings girl!

Weirdo Sweeney-Depp said...

congrats honey . you will enjoy mother i promise .

Weirdo xoxo

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Billie Monroe said...

Thank you all you beautiful ladies for being able to help me share such a precious time in my life as a mother to be!! Thank you all for being patient and supportive as I transition into a new chapter in my life!



Be A Better You said...

Congrats! I miss your posts! You're the first blogger I ever chose to follow and have inspired me to embrace who I am and better myself. Thank you! Can't wait till you're completely back :)