Saturday, November 16, 2013

Welcome Sweet Emmanuel: Our Delivery Story

March 2013, my last semester as a college student, I found out that I would be a mommy in eight more months. Freaked out and scared, I had no idea that the months ahead of me would change my outlook as woman forever. The summer following graduation was a rough one, but I pulled through by the grace of God. When Emmanuel was only the size of peanut, he encouraged and kicked me (literally) to fight against the odds to become a successful mommy and college graduate. 

As my little one's due date steadily approached, I made peace with the fact that my life trajectory would make an abrupt change. I believed that I would be a great mother to my child because anything else in life that I wanted to be successful at, I worked my tail off for and being a mommy would be no different. 

As October dwindled down from weeks to days, my belief that I would be a great mom would truly be tested. November 1, Emmanuel's due date, came and went like it was just another pregnant day. Set to be induced on November 6, I was no longer a little girl who was afraid to push out another human being from within her, but a woman who was ready to nurture the sweet life that blossomed. 

With my boyfriend by my side, we were admitted into the birthing center at 7pm on November 6, 2013, in which we entered as a couple and would leave as a small, beautiful family. We didn't leave as quick as we entered but anything for the love of my son. After nearly a fourteen hour labor, my beautiful son arrived at 9:47pm on November 7. I really had no idea that waiting for my little miracle would take nearly one whole day, but going through this special experience was well worth the wait. 

Being able to hold the little one that kicked, moved, bumped against my ribs and rolled, was as surreal as it could get! After pushing my little fella out of his water motel, I reflected back to the moments of crying, doubting my inability to mother such a little person, and the moments of fear. Getting a chance to hold him in my arms for the first time made everything right with the world, or my world at least. 

It has been such a great experience to share some piece of my pregnancy with you all. I did not get a chance to update as often as I liked, but it still was wonderful reading the comments left by YOU!

Without you Classic.Raw.Beauty., would not be what it is and what it could be. Without Emmanuel, I definitely would not have become the woman I am blossoming into. 




Dimepiece OnaDime said...

He is so perfect! Congrats to the new mommy club! 2013 has been THE YEAR of the baby! ha ha. xoxo

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C.Brocka. said...

Congratulations! We all go through things that we aren't sure about but as long as you have faith in yourself and God, you'll be just fine.