Wednesday, December 11, 2013

CRB Announcement

Happy Wednesday Lovelies! 

I am not sure if you all have been impacted by this cold, ugly weather, but I have here in North Carolina and it has ruined my perfect Monday shoots. Despite the hit my outfit of the days have taken this week, I still have some great news I wanted to share with you all! 

I have been accepted as the social media marketing representative by the traveling natural hair expo and hair show team Return of the Curls ! It is a humbling feat in my social media career as a blogger and I want to thank you all for the inspiration and motivation you all have given me to keep this blog alive!
Return of the Curls is an awesome platform for women to learn more about the natural hair lifestyle! If you want more information about the team and the mission we stand behind, please visit the website:
Return of the Curls  & Check out this awesome video by YouTube Vlogger Eugenia Says:
Return of the Curls Expo: Greensboro

There is so much more to come with this new chapter in my life, and I will definitely keep you all updated!



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