Monday, December 16, 2013

CRB Holiday: Meet the Sponsors

As the days tick down to Christmas, my holiday giveaway is right around the corner as well! 

It is all about you catering to your needs as a fashion and beauty diva this year with this giveaway! 
Are you a fan of fabulous hair? Do you love clothing that has an added edge that isn't easily duplicated? Are you a fan of unique accessories? Well guess what my loves, I have all of that chocked in one awesome giveaway!  

December 31, 2013
Will be the official start of the giveaway, in the mean time please check out my sponsors websites down below. Please keep in mind that these are independent brands ran by passionate entrepreneurs, meaning their websites may be under construction please be kind :)

Run by a young lady named Brittany Waters, Ambition89 was inspired by numerous sketches and designs that finally came to life in her introductory apparel line.

Owned by Courteney Morris, Unknwn Design is an independent brand of apparel specializing in custom designs.

An accessory site dedicated to the glamorous things a girl truly loves!  

Ty, a lifestyle and beauty blogger based in Charlotte, NC, has created a new blog named "A Dash of Tee." This site is dedicated to her love for words, beauty and of course fashion! 



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