Saturday, December 28, 2013

Rookie Mommy: Baby Shopping 101

Since becoming a mommy to an awesome seven week old, I think it is important that I include my motherhood experience on this blog! Whether you are a mommy-to-be or planning to have children, I believe this list is awesome for babies who are first born to about 6 months. This list may seem a little short, but these have been my core items that have gotten me through these first two months of being a mother. As our children get older, I know for a fact that this list will get more extensive.

This list has been essential for both me and baby! To be completely honest, the items that other mothers said I may need hasn't even been ripped out of the packaging from my baby showers. Honestly, that is the beautiful thing about being a mother, you make the executive decisions about what baby needs. This list is just a starter for new mommies like myself, make use of it for your registry or for your personal shopping list for baby! 

I hope this helps,

Chakayla & Emmanuel 


Chri Benson said...

I agree everyone has/uses different things that they swear by...mines are: sleep n plays, saline solution, aquaphor, all/tide free & clear, Sassy diaper sacks, butt paste, nail clippers, colorful link toys, & floor gym, oh and can't forget my boppy pillow!

Chri Benson said...

Vick's baby digital rectal thermometer!

Chakayla said...

Chri I definitely agree! I made use of the rectal thermometer a few weeks ago when I thought my baby had a fever when he became super fussy! I also love the Bobby as well, I just began to use it frequently two weeks ago :)

Ladaha Thames said...

This helps A LOT! I am currently 22 weeks and 2 days! I recently found out I am having a girl. After I received the news I went to Babies R US and wanted everything lol. My mother attempted to tell me the essentials. It helps to get a second opinion lol