Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mommy & Munchkin Style Feature: Kimiko & Honor

This edition of Mommy & Munchkin is an extra special one! Kimiko, owner of Honor's Boutique, is an awesome mother and entrepreneur spreading her love for fashion through stylish baby wear! Coming across her business Instagram page and seeing how her little baby Honor sports her turbans, I just knew this feature had to happen quick and fast! 

Enough of my blabbing, check out this awesome mommy & daughter duo:

How did you come up with Honor's Boutique? What inspired you?
     I came up with the idea of turban beanies first, back in July/August of last year, just a few months after I had Honor. It really all started by my desire to have a cute beanie for her since it was cooling down at night and most of the baby beanies out just weren't cutting it for me. So I went to the fabric store and bought 2 yards of two different fabrics and made a matching set for Honor and I. Once I made them, I got so many compliments on them and everyone was wondering if I could make more available for purchase. So after all of the amazing feedback I got, I eventually decided (in a few months time) to really make something of the turbans and open up an Etsy shop. In the beginning I didn't think much of it and thought it would just be a cute hobby, but it has turned into something much more than that for me. Now I'm doing something that I really enjoy doing, that I never knew I could be really good at.

 Though you are a baby boutique owner, do you still shop outside of your collection for your baby girl? Where are your favorite places to shop?
     Yes! Even though I own a headwear boutique, I still do shop at other stores for clothes for Honor. I love putting together a cute little outfit with one of my headband creations! Some of the places I shop for her are: Macy's, Babies r Us, Zara, Gap Kids, and Old Navy.

How does your personal style influence the way you dress your child?
     My own personal style is honestly just plain, and bland. I religiously wear leggings a cami and a cute shawl or sweater for the most part. Though I don't pay much attention to my wardrobe, I'm the complete opposite when it comes to Honor. I love playing dress up with her and putting her in cute little outfits. She's always dressed better than me! Lol - that's how it should be right?! I'm not one to really spend the money on keeping myself trendy. But with her, I go nuts!

What is your favorite part about motherhood?
     I think that my favorite part about motherhood is knowing that I'm needed by someone for everything. To know that by simply picking Honor up to hold her makes her whole world change. To see how much of an impact I hold in her life has to be the most rewarding thing ever. I never knew how much "power" a mother holds until I became one myself. To be able to console her in a rough time, or just put a huge smile on her face by looking at her has to be the best feeling ever. 

Where can my followers find you to purchase your goods and to interact with you? 
     You can find me on Facebook at, Instagram @honorsboutique, you can check out my blog at and you can access our Etsy store through there; or you can use the direct link Also you can email me at

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