Monday, June 16, 2014

Chiffon Floral Tunic

Happy Monday!

How has the start of your week been going thus far? 

As you can tell, my summer has been going beautifully! I am loving the consistent warm weather we have been having lately. To celebrate my love for the summer, I threw on this (very) thin chiffon swimsuit cover-up from H&M with a black tank and thin leggings. Don't sue me just yet, it has a tendency to be very cold inside the building, so I am attire appropriate (lol). 

Have you ever turned your swimsuit basics into outfits before?

Wearing: H&M cover-up| Forever21 leggings| Target boots| Wet Seal necklace


Ashley Carter said...


Chakayla Taylor said...

Thank you Ashley!

NaturallyRandom said...

Swoons! I love a cute comfy outfit and this is exactly that! I've never worn booties in the summer, real talk, were your feet hot? lol (although the boot totally compliments that look) I really always want to ask people that. Maybe one day I'll get daring a slide a pair on between June and August lol.

Chakayla Taylor said...

Girl! You have me cracking up! I only am wearing booties during the summer because I work inside all day. If I had a function where I have to leave and walk, I put on my sandals.