Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tropical Crop & Skirt: eShakti Outfit Review

Hello Beauties,

I hope your week has been smooth sailing! If you have been a reader for some time, you all know that I rarely do clothing reviews. When a great, honest company comes along, I usually do enjoy featuring them on CRB! Even though this is a sponsored post, you all know that my views will be completely and utterly truthful. The company that I have the pleasure of collaborating with is named eShakti.
Some of you all may be familiar which this brand, many of your and my favorite bloggers have rocked beautiful pieces from them. The awesome thing about eShakti is that you have free reign to customize pieces that they design to fit your personal body measurements. 
**FYI: This review is a bit lengthy, but feel free to read or just breeze through to the sections you want to learn more about.
Wearing eShakti's Tropical Floral Print crop top & Skirt & JustFab sandals

To be completely honest I was skeptical, can a brand truly fit my curves the way I want them to? YES, eShakti can and did! I have truly been obsessing over the matching set trend and as soon as I saw it on the site I had to review it! Below you will find what I think of the durability and fit, shipping, and sale information! 
Durability & Fit
eShakti is a site that ranges in sizes 0-36W, so this is a brand that truly is one style, fits multiple! I picked this matching set in a size 18, but as some of you know I am on a fitness journey, which is a bit too big for my waist but still fits beautifully. I will end up getting this tailored to fit my new size soon. But ladies, this is a perfect match for me! If you are a size 8, get an 8, if you are a size 20, get the size 20. Even though this is a crop top it does not reveal any skin when worn with the matching skirt. I do plan on wearing them as separates so hopefully I share how it fits with other pieces on here. The skirt does have a slit in the back, but it is a modest slit that adds more appeal to the look!


According to the site, shipping will take 14 business says to deliver. It took my order about 4 days to get to me. Mind you, the fulfillment center is based in India (yes the country) and I live in North Carolina. I am not sure if I received speedy deliver since I am a reviewer, but either way 2 weeks is pretty good when it is shipping from another country. 

Sale Information

You are in luck, this outfit that I have on is now on sale! The sale expires 7/31/14. You will be able to find this outfit here: Tropical Set. If you are as frugal as me, I have another deal for you! When you are new to eShakti, or have never made a purchase with them before, if you register before checking out, you will receive a $25 gift coupon, but it must be used 15 days from the date of issue when you signed up for it. 

Overall, I rate eShakti an A+ 
from customer service, shipping and fit, this will be a brand that I will keep in my back pocket! 

Have you ever purchased anything from eShakti? 


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