Thursday, February 6, 2014

Mommy & Munchkin Style Feature: Katara & Kayelyn

Meet Katara & Kayelyn! 

These two beauties have been in my life for the past three years now! When the thought of doing this mini style feature for mommies and their little babies came to mind, she was one of the first mommies I contacted! 
Before I get too sentimental, take some time to read their awesome style feature:  
Kayelyn is wearing leggings from Children's Place, dress & shoes from
Katara is rocking jeans from Rugged Warehouse & a top from Burlington Coat Factory
Where are some of your favorite places to shop for Kayelyn?

"My favorite places to shop for KK are Sears, Children's Place, Burlington Coat Factory, Kohl's and JCPenny!"

KK is wearing a Children's Place outfit & shoes from Nike Outlet
Katara has on an Express blazer, Rugged Warehouse Jeans and shoes from
Since you are a thrifty mommy, do you (or will you) shop the same for your baby girl?

"Yes! I rarely pay retail price. When shopping for both KK and I, the items I purchase are almost always on sale or clearance. On top of the sale price I have coupons! Khols, JCPenny, and Children's Place are always giving out coupons via email."

Mommy and daughter matching ruffle skirts! 
How does your personal style influence the way you dress her? 

"My style is more relaxed and versatile. I can go from laid back to ready to hang out with the change of shoes and accessories. When it comes to KK, I dress her the same way. She could start the day in leggings,a shirt and tennis shoes. Then when it's time to step out with mommy I would add a tutu to the outfit and switch out the tennis shoes for high boots."

KK is a little diva, isn't she ready for the runway? She is wearing an Old Navy outfit (including the boots).
Mommy's outfit includes jeans from, sweater from Burlington Coat Factory and boots from
What is your favorite part about motherhood?

"My favorite part about motherhood is being called "mommy." My heart skips a beat every time I hear it, as it makes me want to be a better person, a better provider, and just as all around example of what a mommy should be."


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Runway ready indeed!! Love the style and shopping tips!

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