Saturday, February 8, 2014

Mommy & Munchkin Style Feature: Leah & North

Leah is a beautiful soul that I met through blogging some time ago. Her style combines modern and thrift goodness all in one unique look. She has a stylish son by the name of North, who is just as stylish as his rock mom! I love the fact that she makes thrifting a family outing! A family the thrifts together, stays together.

Kick back and enjoy the next mommy and son duo feature:

Where are some of your favorite places to shop for little man?

"My favorite place to shop for him number 1 is the thrift store, especially Goodwill (no surprise). Some other places I like to shop, due to their cute modern clothing and affordable prices, H&M, Target, Old Navy, and I love the Joe Fresh line at JcPenny. I like stores that have affordable regular price items, great sales and clearance racks. In addition to shopping I am learning to sew with the hopes of soon being able to make his clothing myself."

North is just the cutest in his animal print top and striped suspenders. 
Since your are a thrifty mommy, do you (or will you) shop the same for your little man?

"Yes, there is no exception! I thrifted nearly everything used in his nursery including his closet full of clothing. I really could not help myself, baby items are so cute. Being an avid thrift shopper for nearly 4 years, I did not think twice about shopping there. All the clothing was washed and I was able to find some cool and unique even retro pieces as well as name brand stuff. I do buy new stuff, but as fast as babies grow, buying used items just makes sense to me. We thrift together as a family and will always thrift, it's just so fun."

North rocking denim on denim! 
How does your personal style influence the way you dress your baby?

"I always refer to North as my lil fashionisto. I love loud, bold colors, prints, sportswear, denim and vintage anything. I love to have fun with my clothing and that completely reflects in my son's style also. I can do those things a lot easier because he is a baby. I sometimes throw on a dinosaur, skeleton or monkey onesie on him because it's cute. I also love him in separates, his closet has a little bit of everything. I would say he is a bit hippy and hipster like myself, and of course him being a baby everything he wears does not always work out or stay clean for very long."

Chubby cheeks and all in his fashion glory!
What is your favorite part about motherhood?

"That is really hard to answer. Besides being my son's mother, it is the most amazing thing ever! I think of his milestones too. Every time I see him do something he has not done before, like grabbing, rolling over, jumping on his legs, I reflect back to his arrival in the hospital and our first night home with him. It's really an amazing feeling. He just got his first two teeth and has started mouthing mamamamama (even though he has no idea what he is saying) it melts my heart every time."

Baby mixed prints !


Dinesha Johnson said...

that kid is toooo cute and the mom is quite fashionable too, they're a dynamic duo!
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Chakayla Taylor said...

They are just the cutest duo!